What Is the Future of Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis?

Stem cells are the hottest topic area in medicine today. Even the White House administration has decided to give more money to the investigation. There is currently some controversy over cell replacement and the use of embryonic stem cells.
What are stem cells?
These cells can be considered “master” cells. You may have heard about the embryonic stem cell controversy in the news. These cells are found in human embryos, but also in adult tissues. They have the amazing potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. It acts as a kind of recovery system for the body, and in theory it can divide without limitation and replenish other cells umbilcial cord scottsdale while humans and animals are still alive. When a cell divides, each new cell can remain any type of cell with more specialized functions, such as muscle cells, red blood cells, and brain cells. Research has made great strides in recent years. Scientists are now able to convert adult skin or brain cells into germ cells in the laboratory. Like native embryonic stem cells, these modified cells can produce all kinds of cells in the body. This amazing ability is known as pluripotency and has some potential consequences.

This is the basis of hope that one day it will help fight diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Stem cell therapy using biocells taken from the same patient or a biologically appropriate alternative human source targets diseases for which there is no complete or effective treatment available in conventional medical systems or is incurable. increase. This treatment is called regenerative medicine because it is based on the concept of regenerating damaged cells in some parts of the body that have been injured or sick.

The power of our own bodies and cells is infinite. Recently, scientists have been able to use stem cells to create new teeth. Veterinarians also use stem cell therapy to treat animals. The future of medicine is here.
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