Going Small With a Mini-LED Keychain Light

Great things can come in small packages. For example, you can get a great car in a small package, which is both fast and good on gas. You can get huge amounts of storage space on your laptop, and it fits into any bag you have. As well, you can provide your customers something that is cheap in price but effective as a tool they can use, and it comes in a very small package. It is a mini LED keychain light and it is one of the best promotional gifts that you can give to your customers.

A lighted keychain is a functional promotional gift that puts other promotional gifts to shame. A coffee mug is a great gift, but it is usually lost in an array of other coffee mugs and eventually winds up at a garage sale, where it can continue advertising your company. A shirt is great, but it is only worn some of the time and may get lost in the closet. Pens, buttons, stationary and bumper custom keychains stickers are great as well, but they too can get lost in the shuffle when time passes. What companies need is a gift that stays with the customer for years and is something they will use on a regular basis. Determining that gift can be hard, unless you know of the mini LED keychain lights and their amazing power.

These lights can help your customers see a great distance when it is dark, while providing them the ability to be safe at night. They can see where they are walking with this light, which comes as part of their keychain, something they use a lot of every day. It will help them unlock their car without scratching the door and it will help them even read a book late at night without disturbing their partner in the bed or car. All this from a small little light no bigger than a match head in some cases. It is a low cost to you but worth ten times its weight in gold to your customer thanks to its functionality.

Mini LED keychain lights come in many different styles and colors. You can choose red, green, blue and yellow to just name a few of the colors available. With lighted keychains, you can provide something to your customers that is cheap in price but long in functionality and lifespan. You will also be doing your part to help the environment because these lights are extremely energy efficient, when compared to normal flashlights that drain power like it is going out of style.

As a company, you need to promote yourself and the best way to do that is with promotional items. So, don’t give your customers something that they will only use once, give them something that they will have in their pockets 16 hours out of the day, and something they use several times a day, a keychain with an LED light in it.